Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Etsy Feature Artist

Here we go folks! I found a fabulous new shop and couldn't wait to share it with you! It's a wonderful little shop called Maudes Place and you can visit her at but let me tell you a little bit about how Amber got her start in the jewelry business!
It all began when she was about 10 years and was making bracelets from colorful string and attempted to sell them in the neighborhood. She was a business person even then. A few years later her Dad bought her a jewelry kit and she started making her own earrings and a dream was born...

After her first daughter was born she was inspired to finish college and the desire to create was once more lit inside. Amber has a passion for music and listens while she creates her beautiful pieces that you can find at and the item names are often inspired by the music she listens to.

Amber is a stay at home with 2 beautiful girls and creates at night after her children are in bed. She is the queen of multitasking and while she was writing this article for me she was typing, playing soccer with the kids and singing songs to her children. Wow!

Her creative process has been a healing one for her and writing or creating her fantastic jewelry designs
is a positive way for her to release all the wonderful, beautiful energy that she has inside.

Oh, before I forget, all you Pittsburgh Steeler fans, get in here to Maudes Place. I'm pretty sure she will have something you like...Go Steelers!
It's been my pleasure to get to know Amber and her shop a little better. I bought a gorgeous necklace from her and it arrived in a beautiful little sparkly bag with a Thank You note. She took the time to make me feel very special and I know that she puts her heart and soul into all that she does. Take a minute and look her up. You'll be glad that you did.


Natasha said...

What a great shop! I love the amythest's so beautiful!! She is an inspiration to me...a Mom to a 20 month old who is trying to get her business off the ground...great article!

Randi said...

great blog, love maudesplace!

Kim said...

Great interview! Can't wait to check out her shop!

cindy said...

Just got here via etsy forum. Really like your blog and the info. Will bookmark to check back often.Thanks!

Audrey said...

Wonderful feature!! Will go check out her shop right away!