Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar or Two

Making a sale is always so exciting. The feeling remains new and exciting even after the first few sales. There is something so validating in selling something that you have made with your own two hands. Making something that you love and finding out that someone else loves it too and is willing to buy it from you remains one of the best highs I have ever experienced. It keeps me going into the studio day after day and makes me want to be a better artist.

I am interested in how other artists have felt during this experience. Please let me know if the presure of making a sale has influenced who you are as an artist. Do you feel free to create what you want to create or are you creating what the public wants? Does where you live influence what you create or are you flexible enough in your craft to be able to change depending on where you are and what the local flavor is? So many questions and so little time... Take the handmade pledge!

I also love vintage items and when I am not making handmade items I spend my leisure time collecting and selling vintage items. Feel free to check out my store at:
Have a great day and until next time, craft on!