Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dealing With Complaints

Ouch! It happened and now you have to deal with it. Successful companies have found that customers who have complained and had their complaints dealt with to their satisfaction are more loyal than customers who never complained. This give you an understanding of how important it is to handle complaints quickly and efficiently.

You should have a timeline and a fair procedure in place for handling complaints. You should never let a complaint drag on or hope it goes away. If you are wrong, admit it, apologize, and make compensation. Then go the extra step and ask your customer what else you can do to win back their trust.

When a complaint is handled badly, not only does the customer feel like they have not been taken seriously, they take their business elsewhere and tell everyone why. Resolve the complaint quickly and your loyal customers will feel well cared for and give you referrals for your hard work.

Remember that an existing customer is more valuable than a potential customer.