Saturday, August 16, 2008

Craft Brokers

Craft Brokers look for quality design and execution, good value and most important, realistic production schedules. A craft broker might be a good idea is you have a minimum production of $1,000.00 a week and your crafts are unusual or extra special. Craft brokers usually charge 20% commission on each sale.

Craft brokers are only really geared towards to people who have done well and tested products at retail craft shows and are looking to get into real volume wholesaling. A key ingredient in getting your product to sell in catalogs is they have to have a different spin. Even people who have already mastered their media and are doing well in retail craft shows need that extra zing.

The best and most innovative products have come about when someone has come into their studio or office on the weekend to make something really special for a close friend that is different from their regular line. That is when the best products are created.

If you have a product that can fill a need, do it effectively and sell it in volume, a craft broker might be something you want to check into.

As always, craft on!