Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Chocolate Milk Scarf, oh so yummy

This cream and black scarf would be great for a guy or girl. Only $9.00

Boyfriend Scarf

It's Back! By Popular Demand the Boyfriend Scarf Is Back!
Girls, you wear it first, then slip it over his neck when he kisses you goodnight! It will have your scent on it! Is this a great idea or what?

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Peace Scarf

Sometimes where we begin is not where we end up. That is the story of the Peace Scarf. This scarf started as a regular black crocheted scarf and as I began to weave multiple colored yarn through the single crochet I began to see something else emerge. What I saw was all people, of every color and diverse personalities. I saw people of different religions, of different beliefs, rich and poor, upper class and lower class all beautifully blended together with no discrimination and all caring for one another. I saw no war. I only saw Peace. Let it begin with me... You may purchase this scarf at my Etsy store for &20.00 visit my shop at