Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making Clay Jewelry

The Process:
The process of making clay jewelry is much more complicated than one might imagine. I like using Sculpey III clay. It comes in a great variety of colors and I can usually get two or three items of jewelry from one small package of clay. I use a clear acrylic roller to roll out my clay because when I mix clay or add colors I like to see what is happening when I roll! I want my clay to be consistent in depth so I have made a board to roll my clay on with three different depth markers that make sure when I roll out my clay it is consistently the same depth.

The Inspiration:
The inspiration for my handmade clay jewelry comes from many places. I am fortunate enough to live on the north shore of Lake Superior where inspiration reigns. I also live in the woods where mother nature provides me with her never ending beauty day after day. I also find inspiration from life's experiences. Each one of my pieces is telling a story.

How it Came to Be:
My passion for clay and crafts in general comes from a place of healing. I have degenerative joint disease in multiple joints and working with clay is a way for me to step away from my pain. It is in fact, a therapy. Crafting has always been therapeutic for me, it gives me something else to think about, something else to focus on other than my pain. Doing something that you love, and something that helps at the same time? Does it get any better?

Hy Hope:
Having an online store has always been my dream. Making clay jewelry that can tell the stories of the life I live and the place that I love and sharing these little works of art with the public is my dream. My clay jewelry is not glitzy or glamorous. It's everyday jewelry that you can dress up on Sunday to wear to church or wear it with your jeans or shorts. It's jewelry that I wear. It's jewelry that you would wear.

For me, making clay jewelry is not just putting out as many pieces as possible. Each piece takes time and thought and means something. It means something...