Saturday, July 19, 2008

Make What The Customers Want

I wear the necklaces I make all the time. I usually wear the ones I like the best. When I first started making necklaces from clay and I wore them, I really didn't get much feedback. Now when I wear them, I get lots of attention. People ask me about my necklaces. They comment that they like them. And I try to remember to take my business cards with me everywhere I go.

Today, I wore a different clay necklace that I have made. It is a fish. The clay fishies are really cute, but just not my style of jewelry. Anyway, I got more comments on that little pink fish than on any other necklace that I have worn over the past six months. What lesson can I learn from this? What should I be thinking about when I am creating my clay jewelry?

Just when I think I know what will be a great selling item. Things change. I think that's a good thing. It will keep me on my toes. But I need to remember to always think about what my customers will want. What I like, is not necessarily what my customers will like.